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A little bit about Song Circle

About 10 years ago I came to a song circle for the first time in my life. Although music has always filled my day, I have never been in a sacred singing circle, the simple songs accompanied by chords that wrap good words made me feel uplifted like I have never experienced and I fell in love.

I created the first website almost 7 years ago with Shimon Lev Tahor on the website management system Joomla, but in recent years the Joomla system has been dying and before it stops functioning completely it was necessary to rebuild the website on a modern system.

The development of the site included: design, programming, entering content for hundreds of pages of songs (currently more than 760) in dozens of categories, creating chord images, storage and in addition there are the ongoing maintenance costs and our desire to continue growing and developing.
In order to reduce costs, the site has 2 options for supporting us so that we can continue to increase and maintain the site:  An artist page or a donation as a sponsor.

May this site grow and spread light, love and beautiful songs to the community of song circles around the world.

loving hug,

Song Circle - האתר של קהילת מעגלי השירה בישראל
Song Circle - האתר של קהילת מעגלי השירה בישראל' מונימונו

The song circle culture

A little research shows that song circles has existed since the dawn of history, in all religions, in all nationalities and in all countries. People used to gather, sing and pray together in devotional singing and all the people sing together so that everyone is part of the experience and there is no separation between the leader of the circle and the people.

With the birth of the “Flower Children” movement and the birth of the Rainbow Tribe, song circles became an integral part of the gatherings of singing lovers around the world.

In the last decade, the song circles scene received a an addition of spiritual songs ,so that today in the song circles you can hear songs from Jewish culture, Indian songs (mantras and bhajans), Indian spiritual songs, Rainbow songs and songs written especially for the song circles.