Shevet TLV

שבט תל אביב

The dear friends from “SHEVET” (tribe) decided to support us, opened their generous hearts to us and allowed us to finish the work and go live with a new and upgraded website that will serve the community of the singing circles in Israel and around the world

How exciting and also natural to receive the loving embrace of the “SHEVET” because many members of the singing circle community were exposed to the magic of the singing circles in the “SHEVET” which is a whirlwind of “PELE” that began the wonderful journey of an urban community full of art and spirit content and after several years passed the Pulled into the loving hands of the “SHEVET” that continues on this good path.

Me too like many others began my journey in the world of singing circles in this magical place and had the privilege of conducting Shabbat reception circles here when dear Eddie came to the “PELE” (he was the soundman of the concerts and circles) and today we were privileged to have Eddie hold the reins of the place and continue to lead this wonderful place that changed its name to “SEVET” (tribe) who fills so many hearts with creation, joy and love.
The “SHEVET” is held by volunteers whose belief is harmony between living beings and the environment and nature.

They say about the “SHEVET”“:
Our second home in the heart of Tel Aviv, a garage for the heart and soul, a place to be us, to receive healing, hugs and love.”

On behalf of the website team and the community of the singing circles in Israel and around the world, we would like to thank “SHEVET for the support of the website,