SongCircle - the website of the global singing circles community

SongCircle - the website of the global singing circles community

The new SONG-CIRCLE website was established in order to create a place where singing circle enthusiasts can find words, chords and performances for circle songs from Israel and the world.
The new site is an advanced incarnation of the old Song Circle site that was established 6 years ago on the Joomla site management system, which is no longer in use.

The site was established by out of a great love for song circles.
The development of the website and the entry of the content (more than 800 pages of songs) took more than four months and thanks to the support of “SHEVET” who sponsored us, we were able to hire an additional full-time programmer, finish the work and go live.

The site was designed, developed and managed by
The main sponsors of the site – “SHEVET“.
The photos on the site were taken by Avner Neizberg.

SongCircle - האתר של קהילת מעגלי השירה בישראל

Milestones in the culture of song circles...

Singing circles exist in all religions and in all nationalities and even in ancient times they used to gather, sing and pray together in devotional singing accompanied by music when the whole circle sings together and everyone takes part in the experience and there is no separation between the circle leader and the people.

With the birth of the “Flower Children” movement and the birth of the Rainbow Tribe, singing circles became an integral part of the gatherings of singing lovers around the world.

The culture of the Song Circles has existed in Israel for more than two decades. In during the past ten years there are a some people/organizations that have worked in a special way to spread the magic:

  • Shimon Lev Tahor, one of the founders  of the  song circle scene in Israel, who created the wonderful songbooks we use in  the song circles.
  • “PELE”  in Tel Aviv founded by Amir Kaldes and Amichai Haber where most of the leaders of the singing circles started their way.
  • The blessed project Unite in Babylon that produces powerful and huge circles that exposed the culture of the singing circles to thousands of passers-by in the center of Tel Aviv.

Support us

The development of the website and the ongoing maintenance of the website involve the costs of programming, design, website management, updates, licenses, creating content, creating chord images, purchasing online resources (storage server, firewall, domain) and in addition we plan to significantly increase the number of song categories on the website.

Our project currently has one sponsor (tribe) whose kind donation allowed us to hire an additional full-time programmer for the development team.
In addition, we received  support from the  talented photographer Avner Neizberg, who allowed us to use the beautiful photos he took on some song circles and festivals.

In order for the site to continue to grow and serve the community of song circles around the world, we need more sponsors who see the importance and great contribution of this project to the world and want to be sponsors of the site.