Eddie Zaidman

אדי זאידמן

Most of us know Eddie from Shevet in Tel Aviv, where he is responsible for the operation of this blessed place together with a team that is a family and a commune.

Eddie is a yoga teacher, soundman and leader and facilitator of singing circles (mainly in “Shevet“).

Once a month Eddie produces Ma’agalev, which is a tribal singing circle with cacao ceremony and more beloved musicians.

Eddie writes about himself:
I started my way in the world of singing circles in Pele at the Shabbat receptions
When I played on the drums and was drawn into the magic and healing of singing circles.
I slowly returned to playing the guitar and getting involved in singing.
Today I guide and lead singing circles and and sound healing. I guide and lead Ma’agalev, a singing circle in Shevet that happens once a month. I accompany yoga sessions by live music. I sing and play a variety of instruments: guitar, percussion, Didgeridoo and more.

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