Carmit Shaham

כרמית שחם

Carmit is a musician, leads women’s circles, and creates content.
Carmit leads sacred song circles, Kabbalat Shabbat and women’s poetry circles around the cycles of a woman’s life (bride, birth, birthday, challah, celebration and more).

Carmit has many years of musical background and she brings her extensive experience to the singing circles and the events she creates or leed.
Carmit has a special singing circles for women that open doors to the intimate world of women and she holds exclusive private performances of Jewish songs and inspiring songs.

Carmit produces the content of the podcast “Take the crown fell to you” where her voice is concentrated and brings with it the important and exciting messages of the women.

As a guitar teacher Carmit brings her love and passion for music to her students In the face-to-face training and its digital course, boys and girls learn to play the guitar in a fun and fascinating way.

Carmit prides herself on her stable training, which promises to give everyone the knowledge and skills to advance in the world of music and express herself through singing and self-accompaniment on the guitar.
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Carmit writes about herself:
Since I was a child, music surrounded me and was a very significant part of my life.
I grew up with a Yemeni father and grandfather, and peyot and prayer were present in our daily life, this influenced me musically and my taste and preferences in making music to this day.

I am connected to Jewish music of all genres (Hasidic, Yemeni, world) and love to create new adaptations especially of Shabbat holy songs
I feel that Shabbat is the taste of all the upper worlds, and Shabbat songs nourish the soul with high spiritual energy.

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