Amichai Haber

עמיחי הבר

Amichai together with Amir Kaldes founded the “PELE” where most of the presenters and participants of the singing circles discovered the magic for the first time.
The PELE, which can undoubtedly be defined as Israel’s official circuit house, was founded by Amichai Haber and Amir Kaldes in 2013 and operated until 2020.

The PELE hosted and initiated hundreds of inspiring gatherings and events, including hundreds of singing circles with a wide variety of musicians, strengthened the movement of singing circles in Israel and gave a stage and exposure to the sacred music and the world of singing circles to old and new audiences, was a meeting place for artists and a lawn for fascinating collaborations and supported the spread of the news of circles Singing in Israel and in the world!

It can be said that most of the leaders of the singing circles in Israel today started or strengthened their way in the PELE space, and even give this wonderful space great credit for being the infrastructure and logistical basis for the giant circles – the Unite in Babylon circles.

Amichai, a man of vision and action, is also one of the pillars of the huge Unite in Babylon circles in Tel Aviv and even produced a number of Unite in Babylon circles in India and Mexico.

Amichai continues in the holy work even these days, and with his many years of experience in the world of circles, he founded and currently manages “Nitagela” – a unique production company for singing circles, which produces and supplies singing circles for various bodies and institutions, including the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Ministry of Education and more…
You can go to the Nitagela website or the Nitagela page on Facebook and order customized professional singing circles.

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