Amir Kaldes

אמיר קלדס

 Amir Kaldas is a beloved and well-known figure in the world of singing circles in Israel.
Amir founded together with Amichai Haber the “PELE” in Tel Aviv where many leaders and fans of the singing circles discovered the magic for the first time and were drawn to a world full of good words and melodies And later, Amir joined to the team of the Unite in Babylon that produces the giant circles in the city centers..
When the spirit rested on him, Amir organized singing circles in which he made sure to also invite young artists from the singing circles scene and give them a platform to sing their gift.
On the days of remembrance for the fallen of the IDF, Amir produces the “Alternative Day of Remembrance Round” in which songs of hope are sung and not songs of mourning as in most Remembrance Day ceremonies and this allows many people who find it difficult with songs of mourning to take an active part in this blessed ceremony.

On behalf of the website team and the singing circles community in Israel, we want to thank Amir for his great contribution to the singing circles scene in Israel.

Amir writes about himself:
“I joined the singing circles somewhere in the early 2000s. The Shabbat reception at the big festivals at that time and sometime during the Shabbat receptions at the ashram in the desert.
At a small festival called “Pure Heart” I realized the power of the tool we call “Singing Circle”, no one is the same as the other.
Since 2012 I have taken part in the production of hundreds of circles, some in the framework of unite in babylon, some in Bala, some in diverse foreign productions.
A partner in dozens of circles from Beersheba to Safed together with wonderful creative partners.
The big dream: a circle in every school..
Another dream: that the artists who make their living multiply.
Wonder of wonders.
Life tip: choosing partners for creation is an art in itself.”