Unite in Babylon Israel

Singing circle , kho phangan

On march 27th, 2023

The idea is to sing songs that everyone can join and sing along.
You don’t need to know a song or the lyrics. You just need to join a few hundred people to sing together as one.

What is a singing circle?
All the musicians play and sing together in a circle formation, and everybody else joins, whether they’re in or out of the circle. The singing unites to the center of the circle and creates a magical atmosphere.
Everyone feels, and we all undergo a process together.

That’s why it’s recommended to experience the circle from beginning to end.
The songs vibe can be quiet and powerful and can also be happy and uplifting. In both cases the process is the same.

Join us for the Singing Circle:
– 17:30 – Gathering
– 18:00 – Opening song & opening OM
– 18:00-21:30- main event

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Unite in Babylon are the torch bearers for the singing circles culture in the biggest cities of Israel.

The circle movement named “Unite in Babylon” started in 2012 in Rabin Square in Tel-Aviv and grew up to be an international movement later that year.
Every 6 month circles from all around the world used to synchronize to an event of songs, unity and love in the exact same moment.
the idea is to create an inviting singing circle in city centers worldwide where every bypasser can feel comfortable to join in and sing.

Unite organizes the largest and most invested singing circles in Israel in terms of the number of artists, the size of the amplification system, the number of volunteers in the production team, and of course the number of people who come to these events, whether as fans of singing circles or as passers-by who encountered the magical sight of many hundreds of people sitting in a circle and singing their good intentions.

A huge amount of people discovered the magic of the singing circle in Unite in Babylon events and their huge contribution to the culture of the singing circles helped significantly increase the number of people who regularly come to the circles.

The wonderful team of Unite in Babylon works fully voluntarily and with the intention of increasing the light instead of fighting the darkness and for that we want to thank you.

On behalf of the site team and the community of singing circles in Israel, we thank from the bottom of our hearts the leading team of this wonderful project and all the volunteers, musicians and of course the sound people and all the helpers who make this magic happen:
Yifat Ashkenazi-Shish, Dan Mordechai, Mai Mordechai, Avi Hess, Elinor Raymond, Victoria Caspi, Dana Kariv, Udi Aryeh Yehuda, Gefen Ella Carola, Amichai Haber, Amir Keldes and everyone who take a part in this excellent production.