Shimon Lev Tahor

שמעון לב טהור

Shimon is an artist of energy and presence.

Shimon Lev Tahor is a well-known figure in the singing circle scene and at Rainbow gathering in Israel and around the world and his contribution to the song circle culture in Israel is tremendous.
Me (like many others) discovered the magic for the first time in the circle of Shimon at the “Pele TLV” and it was my gateway to a new and magical world of simple songs with good intentions.

Shimon published the songbooks “Pure Heart” and Angel Heart which are used by the community of singing circles in Israel and a large part of the songs that appear in the songbooks are on the website, to purchase the songbooks go to the songbooks  page on Shimon’s website.

His father Rabbi Shalom Swisa instilled in him the beautiful culture of the “Piyut” which is prayer on a consistent daily basis and observance of the Sabbath.
His mother Aisha gave him the optimism in life.

Shimon practices meditation and yoga on a daily basis for about 30 years, lives in a natural and healthy way, grows vegetables in the garden and most of all likes to sing in singing circles.

Together with Shimon we fulfill life with him:
Vimala his queen consort.
His two children:
The talented and genius Goni.
The infinitely beautiful Naya.

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