Yonatan Meir Kimchi

יונתן מאיר קמחי

Yonatan Meir is a unique and exciting voice in the world of singing circles.
Yonatan’s connection to ancient Hebrew wisdom is felt in every song that Yonatan performs.

Yonatan sustains spaces of sacred poetry in which a frequency of deep prayer can be felt since the early days of the scene when he was part of “Accompanied Angels” (along with Elad-Nsikh and Nitsen Mizrahi together with Zvika Gurevich) who had a regular monthly cycle in the “PELE TLV”.

Yonatan Meir’s circles are characterized by the silence between the songs, a sacred atmosphere and the seriousness with which Yonatan Meir treats every word in every song he sings.

Yonatan Meir writes about himself:
I started my way in the world of poetry circles in the town of Kalil in 2011 when I was first exposed to a circle at Satyam and Meli’s.
In this circle I was first exposed to poetry as a prayer without a religious context and it deeply touched my Hebrew roots and illuminated them with peace.

The poetry circles I convene are called prayer poetry, because for me the way to pray, to express the voice and emotion is very possible through poetry.

I also conduct healing sound sessions for individuals and couples at my home, or for groups in the studio or wherever you invite me to.

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