מוני מונו

Moni writes, composes, sings and plays songs of brotherhood, prayer and peace (Om Salam Shalom, Garden of Faith, Menginat Hderech..).
Moni leads singing circles throughout the country and performs with the ensemble “Manginat Haderch” (The Tune of the Road) who perform the songs of Moni and other circle songs in arrangements that suit the composition of musicians and the happy frequency of “Menginat Hderech”.
The performances of “The Tune of the Road” are hosted at each performance by different musicians from the Israeli world music scene (according to the geographical location of the performance).

Moni writes about himself:
All my life I’ve been writing and composing songs, I’ve always loved sitting in front of the page and distilling insights and enlightenment into pictures that are painted with words in a structure that can be composed.
Since I discovered the song circles, my writing has changed, it has become more optimistic, the language is cleaner and the poems focus on seeing the good.”

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