Ori Yavor

אורי יבור

Ori is a musician, therapist and host of diverse and special musical content.

Ori leads singing circles, Shabbat and Kirtan receptions, leading healing journeys with sounds – sound healing, accompanying yoga classes with a wide variety of instruments from all over the world.

Ori drums and sings in various ensembles (curamundo, HaQawwaliya), guides educational and experiential workshops/lectures – a musical journey around the world for all ages (3 months to 100), accompanies couples to the hupa, leads cocoa ceremonies, and more… everything is dynamic, adjusted and attentive to the audience and the atmosphere.

Ori leads an organization called lifesound, which is designed to make all these wonderful musical contents accessible to the various types of population.

Ori writes about himself:
“For me, music is a servant tool for the sacred work of connecting man to himself and man to man. Through music and sound it is possible to rise above all matters and connect to the One.”

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