Ron Paz (Narayan JyotI)

רון פז

Ron Paz – a creative artist, a member of the band “HaQawwaliya”, leads song circles and guides healing spaces with the help of songs and sounds.

Ron is a well-known and respected musician in the Israeli singing circles scene for many years.
Ron is known for his unique and powerful voice and unique singing style that combines styles from ancient spiritual traditions, sacred poetry, Indian music and western music.
Over the years Ron has released several CDs and is a member of the mythological group “The HaQawwaliya” which is an important milestone in the culture of the Israeli singing circles.

Ron is the developer of the “heart song” healing method, practices yoga and meditation and heals and teaches Theta Healing.

Ron writes about himself:
“In my music I ask for healing…
No matter where I sing, it’s always to heal the heart, mine and those who listen, that’s the only reason why music remains the longest ‘constant’ in my life.
This is my prayer, this is my deepest emotion, this is the way I reach peace within my mind and heart.”

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