Yinon Dar

ינון דר

Yanon Dar – artist creator and soul singer, member of the “Diwan Halev” project.
Yinon grew up on the knees of ancient Yemeni poetry and in his songs he connects the sacred with the profane and traditional styles and instruments with modern musical production accompanied by leading musicians.

Yinon is a well-known figure in the world of song circles, both as a leader of circles and as a writer/composer of songs that have been sung in circles for many years, such as: Sinai, Makutub, Bo el hapardes…

Yinon released his debut album “Makatub” which includes the songs: Makatub, Shahar, Ruth and more.

Yanon writes about himself:
“I grew up in a small neighborhood in Herzliya in a traditional Yemeni home, and from a young age I was educated at the knees of the ‘Mori’ and the ancient Yemeni poetry that I learned in the room.
Between the games of childhood and the world of diligence and the Torah, melodies with a different sound than anything I knew were playing in my head and when I heard the ancient singing from the synagogue I could hear it accompanied by thousands of violins.”

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