Elad and Nitsan

אלעד וניצן

Elad and Nitsan are a unique and original voice in the Israeli singing circles scene.
As a married couple who walk a path of many years in the field and connect many eras and worlds, they bring a lot of holiness and beauty to the space and are definitely one of the most colorful and prominent figures in the circle culture.

Elad and Nitsan carry a pulsating vision to strengthen the connection between man and creation and between man and the Creator, to bring hearts together in the nation of Israel and connect all parts of the nation, and as such they create a living connection to the Israeli tradition with a wide variety of circle songs and songs from the sources with unusual colors and harmonies.

In addition to Elad and Nitsan’s connection to Jewish existence, they also have a deep connection with music and tribal cultures from around the world and this combination together with their spontaneous inspiration, natural groove, and attentive musical communication creates an original and interesting musical experience and they make fascinating connections between tribal wisdom and the world of the New Age and theology Israel, Hasidism and Kabbalah thus enable a renewed connection to the roots from a new angle.

Elad and Nitsan’s repertoire is particularly rich and includes translations and Hebrew versions of songs from around the world, songs from Israel and their original compositions, where in their musical performance one can feel the deep intention, prayer and devotion and together they create deep, sweeping and uplifting spaces of healing and prayer.

Elad and Nitsan’s services are:

  • Singing circles and ceremonies
  • Accompanying and facilitating events
  • Weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, Shabbat receptions
  • Guiding and escorting retreats
  • Hosting Saturdays and holidays
  • Lessons, content workshops and audio journeys (individual/group)-
  • Accompanying development and empowerment processes

Elad and Nitsan write about themselves:
We invite all our friends in the field to create as many musical collaborations as possible to create as many common prayer spaces as possible.
The spaces of singing and prayer connect us simply, open a window to our hearts and allow us to touch deep places within us and bring healing and renewal there.

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