Shecharchoret (Dark Girl)

Lyrics: Moshe Elimelech,
Composer: Persian Folk




Shecharchoret yikre’uni
Tzach haya ori
Kimilahat shemesh kayitz
Ba li shechori

Yafyafit kol kach
Einayich esh bo’eret
Libi kulo shelach

Shecharchoret yikre’uni
Kol yordei hayam
Im od pa’am yikre’uni
Shuv elech itam

Shecharchoret Yafyafit…

Shecharchoret yikre’eni
Ben le’av molech
Im od pa’am yikre’eni
Acharav elech

Shecharchoret Yafyafit…

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