Pěvecký sbor GJŠ


Akatumbale Akatumbale         Balele Balele
Bale simi Bale simi        Simimi Simimi
Simi saya simi saya     Sayaya saya ya
Saya butu saya butu Bututu bututu
Butu kunda Butu kunda Kundana kundana
Kunda lele Kunda lele           Lelele lelele
Lele manga Lele manga Maganga          oh maganga

Oh milengo Oh milengo

If you come across a page without a performance it’s probably because we couldn’t find a good recording of the song on YouTube or Soundcloud. You are welcome to recommend us performances for missing songs or additional performances for existing songs just make sure the quality of the recording is good.