All is Welcome Here




Broken hearts and broken wings
Bring it all bring everything
And bring the song you fear to sing
All is welcome here

Even if you broke your vow
A thousand times come anyhow
We’re stepping into the power of now
And all is welcome here

Lai lai larai larai
Lai lai larai larai
Lai lai larai larai

See the father and the son
Reunited here they come
Dancing to the sacred drum
They know they’re welcome here

I see the shaman and the mighty Priest
See the beauty and the beast
Singing I have been released
And I am welcome here Lai…

I stood alone at the gateless gate
Too drunk on love to hesitate
To the winds I cast my fate
And the remnants of my fear

I took a deep breath and I leapt
And I awoke as if I’d never slept
Tears of gratitude I wept
I was welcome here Lai…

So bring your laughter and bring your tears
Your busy lives and your careers
And bring the pain you carried for years
All is welcome here

Freedom is not so far away
And there’s only one price we have to pay
Live our dreams till they fade away
And let them go Lai…

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