Child of the Universe




Here is a little history of a bigger mystery
I have written this story into my song
If it is not what you’re used to I hope it will amuse you
And maybe if you’ll choose to then you’ll sing along

I am as old as the universe
I’ve been here before and I’ll be here again
I am a child of the universe
A part of all women and a part of all men

Once upon a sometime and once upon a somewhere
And once upon a somehow there was a big bang
Energy evolving and energy revolving and
Energy dissolving and that’s what I am I am as…

I am a little flower that blossoms for an hour
But in me there’s a power that grows on and on
Power in the roots of me power in the shoots of me
Power in the fruit that will pass my seeds on I am as…

I am not a somebody i am not a nobody
I’m a cell in one body filling all space
All I ever could be and all I ever should be
And all I ever will be is here in this place I am as…

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