Song CIrcle - Off To India

Off To India
Assi Rose

Bye bye mom I’m off to India
Don’t worry I will not catch bacteria

Don’t make a fuss don’t make a mess Just relax and play your bingo
I’m off to Rishikesh just like John Paul George and Ringo
Eventually I’ll be back I will bring you a carved elephant
I’ll be carrying books on my back and return much more intelligent

I’m going to Ladakh at the top of the Himalayas
To meditate a lot with the yogies & The babas
If I feel I need a guru I’ll be looking for the Dalai Lama
If I feel I need a guru I’ll be looking for huggy Amma


I’ll meet a sadhu on the road doing yoga like a Budha
I give him some rupee he will teach me Kama Sutra
Chai in the morning sun after Kundalini Tantra
I will reach enlightment and be spinning all my Chakra

Coconut from the trees mango and papaya
I will be so healthy drinking Smoothy with banana
The Full Moon will rise on beach party in Anjuna
I’ll be dancing all night with the dolphin and the tuna


I’ll get a little fishing boat and sail along the Ganga
I start in Varanasi shanti shanti to Calcutta
I pull out my sitar and chant a little mantra
With Kali on tambura and with Ganesh on the tabla


Off To India