Forever Pure




You are forever pure you are forever true
And the dream of this world can never touch you
So give up your attachment and give up your confusion
And fly in the space that’s beyond all illusion

Na na na…

Sudossi budossi niranjanosi
Samsara maya parivar jitosi
Samsara swapanam triaja mohan nidram
Najamna mrityor tatsat swa rupe Na na…

Eres siempre puro eres verdadero
Y el suenyo del mundo no te tocara
Deja los apegos deja la confusion
Y vive en la verdad mas alla de la ilusion Na na…

Lanetsach tahor lanetsach tsachor
Vechalom ha’olam lo yastiru ha’or
Shachrer hamachshavot vater al retsonot
Venichye be’olam sheme’ever la’ashlayot Na na…

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